Rules And Regulations

Rules and Regulations ….Look before you leap!!!

Student and guardians are expected to make note of the following rules and regulations and adhere to them in letter and spirit, as per the declaration signed in the admission form:

  1. All students, irrespective of their course, must abide by the rules, regulations, laws, bylaws and guidelines of the University Grants Commission, State Government, NCTE, Vikram University, Diocese of Ujjain and the College.
  2. Notice Boards as well as the college website display important information for the benefit of the students. Therefore, students must read the notice boards and visit the college website regularly, attend to the notices and comply with instructions therein.
  3. Ragging is strictly prohibited and there is a zero tolerance policy of the college in this regard. If any student is found guilty of ragging, or if any complaint is received against a student, an offence of ragging may be registered and it may be punishable as per UGC norms. Any case of ragging should be immediately reported to the Academic Director (7049511777) /Principal (7049511555).
  4. The use of mobile phone, by students, is strictly prohibited in the classrooms, laboratories, library and administrative offices. Those found guilty of using them will be punished with heavy fine.
  5. No complaint shall be entertained regarding loss of mobile / cell phone at the campus.
  6. A student’s carrying mobile / cell phone in to the examination hall shall be treated as a case of unfair means.
  7. Every student must attend classes regularly. According to the norms of NCTE and the University a minimum of 80 % attendance for course work and practicum and 90% for school internship is required by a student for him / her to be eligible for appearing in the semester end / annual examination.
  8. It is compulsory for all students to appear in the CCE examination / submit projects / assignment or comply with any other form of internal assessment specified by the college, since the marks are recorded in the semester end mark sheet. A student absent /failing in the CCE examination shall be treated as ‘Allowed to Keep Term’ (ATKT) candidate.
  9. A student found guilty of the following will be subject to disciplinary action by the college authorities
  • Damaging the property of the college, equipments, furniture and vehicles parked in the campus.
  • Immorality in word or deed.
  • Bringing explosives and weapons to the school compound.
  • Planning or organizing any kind of strikes, hartal, picketing or commotion.
  • Violating the religious integrity of the institution
  • Smoking or use of drugs or any intoxicant
  • Misbehavior in word or deed of self/parents/guardians/any other person with college authorities and staff.
  • Holding any meetings of political nature in the college premises and exhibition of any political party emblem in the college campus.
  1. No student is supposed to loiter in the corridors of the college and disturb the classes. If free the students are expected to make the best use of library or restrict himself /herself to the common room.
  2. The parents cannot claim or dictate on matters of admission, promotion, or dismissal of a student. The decision of the Director shall be final and binding
  3. The parents/students shall bring any grievance arising with staff/other students to the notice of the Principal /Grievance Redressal Cell In- charge and they shall not directly deal with the other concerned students. Any physical misbehavior with other students in the college premises shall bring disciplinary action against their own children and legal action against the offender will be taken.
  4. The decision of the Principal, upon any question arising out of, or in connection with, or incidental to these rules, shall be subject to an appeal to the Director whose decision shall be final.